Thursday, May 2, 2013

Build The Cabinet

With the side panels glued up, trimmed to length through the table saw, and lightly sanded to knock off splinters it was time to put the cabinet together.  There is really not much to show here - the sides were nailed to the back.

Then I cut the top and bottom pieces to nailed them in place.  I had a set of casters purchased many years ago for a router table which I never built.  After scrounging up some 3/4" screws I had a cabinet which I could roll around.

I ended the evening with a roll around cabinet.

As is usual with my projects, if I were to do it again there are things I would have done differently but, so far, I am quite happy with the progress.  It is close to what I had in mind.

Next up:

  • Attach wood strips to hold the wire racks
  • Attach wood strips to hold the catch pan
  • Install door (horizontal split, weather seal, and hardware)
  • Drill holes for top and bottom vents and build vent hole covers for controlling air flow
  • Build platform for holding burners
  • Build box for burner controls and connect to burners
  • Install cabinet thermometer

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